Why We Do It

Feeling hosed by an indie publishing company?

Trust your instincts. And run!

Some self-publishing businesses earn their lion’s share of profits from services they sell a la carte. The problem is not the services, or the company’s publishing process; it’s how they sell those services. Typically, the person trying to pry money from your bank account doesn’t understand marketing. All they are concerned with is making a sale. So, you will typically purchase services that aren’t necessary or return little to nothing on your investment.

What ends up happening is that you spend thousands of dollars on services you don’t need and waste resources that could be applied to a more profitable approach.

Going it alone can be very rewarding; however, you do need a team of professionals who know the industry, who know exactly what you need to be successful, and won’t charge you an arm and a leg to deliver.

The Alliance for Indie Publishers is a consortium of publishing and marketing professionals who know the industry and can give you expert recommendations without the overhead of some indie publishing companies. Working with The Alliance, you will talk to a marketer, a publisher, an editor, and a designer. Then we partner with the best printing companies to bring your book to market.

What Makes The Alliance Different

We make indie publishing more awesome.

At The Alliance we do not sell you services you do not need. We understand every book is different, so we bring in the right people to do the right things, which brings your book to market at the right time without the hassle of a large company.

Many indie publishing companies will sell you marketing services that are not coordinated to effectively launch your book. We begin building you a platform from the time your manuscript hits production. A platform is the marketing plan we develop and engage to build a tribe around your book in anticipation for its release.

We understand books are content rich opportunities to leverage online marketing strategies that reach people passionate about the subject matter of your book. More importantly, we know the best books to benefit from this approach are non-fiction. So, we like to take on authors whose book can be attached to larger issues, because we want to position you as a thought-leader, and your book as a manifesto.

Why You Won’t Find This Anywhere Else

Self-publishing is about being independent, going it alone, doing it your way. By the very nature of some larger self-publishing companies, you are restricted because they have processes that streamline workflow – they have become the institutionalized bureaucracy you loath.

We are independent. We do our own thing. And we will help you do yours too.